557. The Current Year.

March 15 - Lord Maegar Varn gets his charter.

March 20 - Other groups receive their charters.

March 30 - Meeting in Restov for the last two groups without charters.

March 31 - The Adventuring Group sets out into the Wasted Lands. The Glorious Adventurers are delayed by Quelk Surtova's filing of a lawsuit against The Bathhouse.

April 1 - The Battle at Oleg's. River dies at the point of Happs Bydon's arrow.

June 2 - Thorn River Bandit Camp is sacked. Couladin is hired as a mercenary and Mr. Biggs is sent to negotiate with the Reapers of Secrets.

June 22- Alliance with kobolds is finalized.

June 27- Tuskgutter the boar kills Drun Givaldrak.

July 5 - Hannis Drelev, age 28- a former merchant, is invested as Baron of the Slough.

July 7 - The Stag Lord is defeated. Couladin is brought down by zombies.

July 24 - Kingdom is founded.

Nov 24 - Coran is the kingdom's first vassal.

Dec 24 - Quethier becomes Royal Assassin.