Jan 30 - Lord Coran is invested with his territory.

March 28 - River, a boy, is born to Svetlana and Oleg.

April 6 - Sharell defeats the Lonely Warrior.

April 12 - Bromin killed by a werewolf.

May 25 - Jang meets Lily Teskerton.

June 1 - Assassination attempt on Quethir, the Royal Assassin.

June 20 - Encounter with the Dancing Lady.

July 24 - First anniversary of the kingdom.

August 12 - Oleg's falling out with Svetlana and the diplomatic incident with Mivon.

September - Many arrests made in Brevoy by Surtovans against the Orlovskys, the Rogarvians and their allies. A crusade to kill the Fanged Legion is launched. Gorgon sent south.

October 8 - Sardaxinomicon joins the group while they hunt the Megaloceros.

October 25 - Defeated Grigori's accusations. Oleg and Svetlana make up. Over a year later and Alyssa is still in mourning for Drun.

December 24 - Olegton annexed.