Combat Achievements

Bandit Bane - (First to Kill 10 Bandits in legitimate combat) [+1 attack v. bandits]

Boss Fighter - (Defeat 5 Bosses in legitimate combat) [+500 XP] (Morgan, Sharell)

Boss Bane- (First to Defeat 10 Bosses in legitimate combat) [+3,000 XP])

Owlbane- (First to Defeat 4 Named Owlbears) [+5,000 XP]

(Rabid Owlbear, Giant Owlbear that menaced Boatmurdered "Beaky", Stag Lord's Owlbear, Mama Ghost Owlbear) (still living ones that could count--> Swamp Owlbear near for Drelev, Owlbear Mascot for the Pitax Torchlight Festival, Badlands Owlbear King, Cyclops Owlbear near Vordakai's land, Fey Owlbear Queens (3), Numerian Mountains Owlbear King).

Non-Combat Achievements

City Planner - (Build or Annex 6 Cities) [+6,000 Party XP]

Family Person - Enter and remain in a stable long-term relationship that can produce offspring. [+1 Cha]

From the Grave - Resurrect Someone [+4,000 Party XP]

Knowledgeable - Donate 3,000 gp to the libraries. [+3 know (pick one of the following) Architecture, Dungeoneering, Local, History, Nature, Nobility]

Merchant - (Complete 5 consignment quests) [+2 appraise for one character]

Redeemer - Redeem a fallen character (An evil character or one who fell from Paladin). [+3,000 for an Individual or +6,000 for the group; also +1 Charisma to that Character]

Rich as Croesus - (Achieve 100 on an Econ Check) [+4000 gp to each primary character, 500 gp to each secondary]

Trainer - Train 4 different types of animals, or make them your friend enough to permit riding, would it be physically possible. [+4 animal handling]

Progress: Sharell- Horses, Porcupine, Elk; Morgan- Horses, Wolves, Turtle ; Quethier- Horses, Wolves

{C}Completed or Failed Quests {C}

Budding Economy - Hit a 50 on an economy check [+2000 gp to all main PCs] (Completed)

Builder - (Complete 15 Building Tasks at Olegs) [+5 Know (engineering) 1 char, +3 Know (dungeoneering) 1 char]

Progress: Complete: Jang. (engineering); Quethier (dungeoneering) {C}

Cartographer - (Succeed at a 35 Survival Check) [+5 Cartography Bonus for creating the map.]


Humanitarian - (Free 5 Bandits) [+2000 XP]

Progress: 5/5 (One went north, one at the Temple, one is Fat Norry, Akiros, Topper Red)

Kobold Friend/Foe - (Ally with Kobolds or Slaughter them) [+3 Diplo v. Kobolds/ or +3 Intimidate v. Kobolds]

Progress: Completed, need to add to group notes.

Massive Stability - Hit a 50 on a stability check [+1 Fort to all main PCs]

Mephit Mauler - Jang [+50 XP]

Holding Water: Outdrink the stag lord (+1 Fort --->Jack)

Taxidermist - (Collect 5 different types of megabeast heads) [+2 animal handling to one character)

Progress: Complete: Morgan

Undying Loyalty - Hit a 50 on a loyalty check [+1 Will to all main PCs]

Bonus Feat Choices (Level 6)Edit

Animal Handling Choices

-Ooze Whisperer : You have a special bond with slimes and oozes. (DD Revisited p 18)

-Hooffriend: You have a special affinity towards elks and wild horses. (+4 to AH rolls) [Req: Must speak Sylvan]

-Wolf-Friend: You have a special relationship with wolves and werewolves (+4 to AH rolls)

-Serpent Ally: You have a special relationship with serpents and kobolds (+4 to AH rolls) [Req: Must speak Draconic]

Religious Choices

-Heart-On : You have a +2 diplomacy against characters opposite your alignment (Good-Evil) (Law-Chaos).

-Blessing : 2 Additional channel energy per day. [Req: Can cast Channel energy]

-Summon Deity : +2 attack for 1 round/day [Req: Can cast healing spells; Has a patron deity.]

-Blessed : +1 extra cure light wounds spell/day (divine only). [At level 8 it becomes cure moderate; at level 12 it becomes cure serious]

Knowledge Choices

-Learned : +2 to 2 knowledge skills that do not already have +5 ranks in it.

-I Know That : Reroll 1 knowledge skill roll/day.

-Know-It-All : Roll any knowledge check at the highest level of one of your PC allies 1x/day.

-Local Beacon : +4 Know (Local) OR +4 Know (Nobility) OR +4 Know (History)

-Magician : +2 extra Level 0 spells/day (arcane only).

Battle Choices

-Tumbler : +5 atheltics when trying to tumble past an enemy

-Sand-In-Eyes : Can throw sand in opponents eyes without provoking an AOO 1x/day (DC 10 will to resist)

-Like A Rock: 1x/day. +2 grapple.

-Awesome Lunge: 1x/day can extend a 5 ft reach melee weapon to 10 ft. (Cannot extend a 10ft to a 15; cannot stack with a charge or bull's rush bonus).

-Total Defense : 1x/day can take total defense even when attacking.

Diplomatic Choices

-Wealthy Patron : (+50 Gold x Level) each full session if succeed on a diplomacy of 20 or a bluff of 22 (no gold for sidequests).

-Frightening : Use STR in place of CHA for diplomacy modifiers (effectively making diplomacy intimidate)

-Shrewd : +6 on perception checks v. target when diplomacy is ongoing with the target.

Bonus Feat Choices (Level 10)Edit