Bonuses for Party Roles

Treasurer- Keeps track of party funds (+2 Appraise)

[Sharell's Player]

Quartermaster- Keeps track of Party Items (+1 Appraise, +1 Craft (weapon or armor))

[Sharell's Player]

Cartographer- Draws Map (+1 Survival, +3 Craft (cartography)

[Morgan's Player]

Chronicler/Quest Holder- Logs Quests and Important People's Names (+1 Perception, +1 Perform (choice))

[Drun's Player (sort of)]

Kingdom Manager - Keeps the Kingdom Log and checks the math. (+1 Appraise, +1 Diplomacy)

[Quethier's Player]

Monsterologist- Tracks # of monsters killed and who put them donw. Keeps notes on monsters and plants (+2 Know/Nature; Notes on momster sold for 5 gp/each time or 10 gp if a good explanation).

[Morgan's Player]