Bromin Grode Elf Expert

Bromin is an elf from the Shenandale forest. He is a master craftsman able to create a variety of items out of wood. He also has a vast array of knowledge in regards to architecture, engineering, and item creation.

Bromin studied under Master Sotomir Fulton who taught him to follow the natural lines in the world. While he was never allowed to create magical items during his apprenticeship, he looks forward to branching out.

He is not too concerned about the feuding between the noble houses, but he would support House Surtova since they are currently in power.


Jang Lodovka the sorcerer hired Bromin Groede to build a boat since Bromin was highly recommended by other captains. For the boat, Bromin was going to need good quality teak, which is hard to find. Sharell met Bromin in the woods and helped him to find a plentiful supply of wood.

Sharell Libain, Jang, and Bromin are all decent friends. They have gone out on the lakes enjoying each other’s company several times. When Jang heard about the expedition to the Stolen Lands, he suggested it as a good way to see even more of the world.