The kingdom of Xanadu has several cities:

Boatmurdered - Capital

(440 people)

Olegton - Northernmost City

(250 people)

Tatzlford - Not Yet annexed. Will Cost Unrest 4 + additional unrest to annex.

(250 people)

Temple to Erastil- Not Yet annexed

(45 people)


There is also a vassal, Coran, who owns a hex near Boatmurdered. He has 50 people working his hex and developing trees and infrastructure.

Melisane the Nixie counts as a vassal to some degree (Stab +1)

Tierissia the Dryad counts as a vassal to some degree (Stab +1)

The kobolds, Chief Sootscale and their silver mine count as vassals (Stab +1, some silver income)

Jhod Kavken and the Temple of the Elk, or Elkholm, have a growing contingent of people. 50 people.

Other Important CitiesEdit

Restov - Southernmost large city in Brevoy Population: ~35,000

Fort Drelev - Baron Drelev's capital. Population: ~3,000

Varnhold - Meager Varn's Capital Population: ~2,000

Fort Serenko- Southernmost fort in Brevoy Population: ~25

Nivakta's Crossing - Southernmost settlement in Brevoy. Population: ~1,250

New Stetven- Capital of Brevoy Population: ~105,000


A city hex can have as many districts as it can hold (roughly 144 districts, given 1 district = 1 square mile, and each hex is roughly 144 square miles)