Coran Ravensblade was a well-to-do merchant and lumberjack in charge of seven loggers who attempt to chop down Gnarlwood.

Coran is now a vassal of Boatmurdered, located just to its east. (See Ravensblade).

Lady Lily Ravensblade (nee' Teskerton) (Rog 1/Nob 4) - as of Rivers Run Read book, she married Coran Ravensblade after seducing him during his visit to Boatmurdered. Coran had intended to marry a noblewoman but he had been having difficulty finding one who was pretty enough, who didn't mind his philandering, and didn't mind his somewhat brutal reputation.

Morgan negotiated with them. The fey helped Morgan in return for alcohol and stole seeds from other darkwood trees (darkwoods are antisocial trees)

Coran needs to protect the tree.

Perlivash didn't share drinks with Tig.

2 day operation involving 37 fey. 8 half-kegs of beer were paid to them. (cost 80 gp).