Daggermark is a country to the South of Pitax and Xanadu. It is ruled by The Grand Lord Matro Lindovar, who was elected by an oligarchy for life or 20 years. If he dies, and a female takes over, then her title will be "The Grand Lady". He has ruled for 7 years, since the last overt war with Mivon.

Daggermark is known for palace intrigues and assassinations. Its rival countries are Pitax and Mivon, which border the country. Daggermark controls other countries through influence rather than through directly absorbing them. It has several principalities basically under its thumb paying tribute. Its most hated enemy is Mivon.

The oligarchy of Daggermark includes the following houses:

Kenson (Traditionally, the weakest of the houses, has never had a Grand ruler)

Maray (recently removed for unclear reasons; some argue an alliance with Mivon)

Schopenhaus (Their Grand rulers are often assassinated; many attribute it to bad luck)



Regel (The richest of the houses)

Qwenten (Traditionally, the most successful of the houses)

Notable ResidentsEdit

Lady Jennavieve Kenson (who is interested in horses; see Suitors).

Lady Quintessa Maray (fleeing from Daggermark for political reasons).