Most Names of Gods not listed.

Main Gods

And--- (NG) Birth/Joy vs. Nerull (LE) Death/Sadness "Death Cleanses"

Cor--- (CG) Healing/Love vs. N-- (NE) Pestilence "Pestilence culls the weak and renews"

M-- (NG) Light vs. Th-- (NE) Darkness

K-- (LG) Righteousness/Straightforward/Reserve v. Ce-- (CE) Wantonness/Lies/Sensuality

Erastil (CG) (Hunting, Strength, Bravery) vs. W-- (CE) (Fear, Weakness, Scavenging)

N--- and W-- are often allied.

(NG) Light is the most popular good Goddess.

Pantheon of Chaos

Sy--- (CN) (rebirth, creation), (CN/CE) Luck/Misfortune (2), Kord (CN) (Strength, Rage, Killing Monsters), Vecna (NE) (secrets).

S-- (CN) Luck vs. Su--- (CE) Misfortune - Some argue that these deities are two sides of the same coin.

Kord (CN) (Strength, Rage, Killing Monsters) -- Kord has no counterpart. He is a mortal from Numeria who ascended to deityhood. Many seek to emulate him; few have done so. He is also unique in that he shares Erastil's portfolio. This has not endeared the Gods to him.

Apocalypse Gods

-These are the gods worshipped by the Cyclopses. They may be demons or they could be the Pantheon of Chaos (except for the Goddess of Luck and the God of Strength). No one is quite sure.