Drugs and PotionsEdit

Feyfuel - Fey creatures snort it up, doing lines. Is like Cocaine. (+1 move action/6 rounds; -6 WIS)

Feyfire Mushrooms Edit

- CR 14 Poison to humanoids (not dwarves) (Fort DC 22) 1d6 CON; 1d6 DEX; 1d8 STR initial | permanent -1 CON.

To Animals or non-humanoids (Fort DC 18) 1d3 CON; 1d3 DEX; 1d4 STR initial | (1 hour) 2 CON, 2 DEX, 2 STR
To Fey: It actually helps them.
  • Feyfire Mushrooms are quite rare and there is no known antidote. There are only a few groves of these mushrooms left in the world; one of which is found in the Narlwood in the Wasted Lands.

* Chess Rivkin, allegedly, was looking for the mushrooms when the fey wanted him killed.

Goblinweed - Smoked. Enduces a state of euphoria (+4 CHA, -4 WIS, -2 INT).

Kobold Xtacy - Fey love it; Kobolds make it. Bright lights whirl around. (-2 WIS, -2 INT).