The Fey Court is ruled by the Fey Queen and is in a parallel dimension that some call the First World.

Little is known about the Fey Court.

High Fey is spoken at the court, although Sylvan and Aklo are also welcome languages.

High level Fey can be in many places at once and can move quickly through the Feywild.

The Fey queen is allegedly trying to bring the Wasted Lands into the Feywild. She originally saved the Wasted Lands from the Demise and was unable to access them before due to the underswells of Essence magic, but with the magic's recission, she is now ready to make her claim on the land.

Fey FactionsEdit

Opposing the Fey Queen- Edit

There are several factions among the fey, and the Fey Queen has punished some malcontents, such as Charlie the Unicorn, Gnarlwood the Darkwood tree, and the Ironwood tree that was turned to stone.

Other members of the faction include the Dancing Lady, the Babohan Sith that had been killing people; Sharell met her and turned down her offer of marriage, but she left him with some vital information.

- Joe O'Nittany, the Leprechaun is also in opposition to the Queen.

- Maple Trees are against the Fey Queen, for they understand the value of winter's fall.

- Evergreens also tend to oppose the Fey Queen, because they see no need for endless spring and summer. They enjoy the winter as a time to relax.

- Ash Trees, or "Ashholes", who are known for being jerks, are nevertheless opposed to her, because she cannot tolerate their constant insults.

Fey Queen's Forces-Edit

The Fey Queen has several enforcers who enforce her code. The identities of these enforcers are ill known, but at least two of them are dread horses who run through the fire and flames and who accompany an evil black stallion who is not fully in one world or the other, but is fixed betwixt the twain.

-Swamp trees are on her side as are a number of the oak and yew. Beware the unenchanted arrow, lest the yew snap you in two.


The following warnings were given to Sharrell about the fey queen, whose name must not be spoken by fey lest her notice and her wrath fall upon them:

"Spring is coming. and Summer's dawn. Be wary, be ready when the Queen of Summer, the Lady of Brilliant Light arrives- winter and wither is your only hope."

Nightmare horses will lead the way. The fey queen's top leutanent needs to be killed with a vorpal blade. The Ironwood tree was too worried to speak the Lieutenant's name, only noting that he had slithy toves and feared the vorpal blade.