The Glorious Explorers

The competing group that is adventuring and exploring the Wasted Lands alongside the Party and that is in large funded by House Surtova to secure its interests.
They set out a little later on adventuring due to a pending lawsuit Quelk filed against the Bathhouse due to events that happened during The Bathhouse Incident.

Quelk Surtova, 24 (ari 1, ftr 1) (CN)

Third Son of Duke Domani Surtova of Issia.

Messana Grigory, 31 (half-elven rgr 2) (LN)

Tracker, Cartographer, Royal Warden of Issia.

Ghrey Battle, 34 (ftr 2) (LN)

Quelk's stoic fighter retainer.

Blevin Garess, 25 (war 1) (CN)

House Garess' representative. A nephew of Lord Howlan. A troublesome youth.

Robilar Staveson, 28 (d.) (ftr 1) (CG)

Blevin's sparring partner.
Deceased. Ambushed by Kressel.

Anando, 45 (ari 2) (LN) (gnome)

Persnickety gnome steward. See: C. Creative's free Hirelings Supplement for Kingmaker.
Was bribed to leave Quelk's employ by The Adventuring Party.