Jack’s life before the Dragon’s Claws is completely unknown. Whether he was a native to Brevoy or not is unknown. His father and mother are unknown. What is known is that he was a thief of some renown before joining the Dragon’s Claws. However, the first time he truly arises above a historical footnote was his famous wangling of several caches of wyvern eggs for the Dragon’s Claws. Rumors persisted that he embarked on his famed venture in order to secure a royal pardon for some particularly notable crime he just committed, though what precisely that may be is subject to many conflicting tales.

Once Jack had joined the Dragon’s Claws, he set about mastering his stolen beasts. Jack may not have been the most elegant of fliers, but his enthusiasm made up for a multitude of his failings. Once Jack had a command under him, he wasted no time grabbing far ranging assignments. While exploring the far reaches of the kingdom, he crafted as detailed a maps as his view permitted him. He made particular note of any valuable looking sites that might be of interest later. His quiet disappearance along with this wyvern simply added to his mystique.