Jhod Kavken (Cler 4), 36 is the Cleric in charge of the Temple to Erastil, the Temple of the Elk, the current Elkholm. He has been growing increasingly prodigious in girth, and his laughs are full of mirth, but tinge with pain of some long-past suffered cruelty.

The Party helped him find the place and gave him his first assistant, a former bandit who was indentured to his service. Jhod offers free healing to the party and at-cost provision of other aid.

He is ardent in his belief that Erastil is the prime God and he hates Erastil's counter Wyste, with a passion.

Prior to arriving in the Wasted Lands, Jhod was a minor preacher in a town, and he hints at a dark past and a dream that drove him south into the lands. It seems that whatever his past sins, he may have redeemed himself by founding the temple and serving the communities in the Wasted Lands.

He has had minor interactions with the Boggard to his west, generally warning his followers to keep away from the creature and to do as little harm to nature's intelligent beasts as possible. He does, however, support hunting of predators and non-sentient beasts and he would support anyone who kills the giant frogs in the hot springs, which he hopes to turn into a holy site to Erastil, but he would not send his own followers after the frogs due to both the danger and the diplomatic issue with the Boggard- who has befriended them, or so Jhod thinks.