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Note: This is a repository so players can easily reference information regarding NPCs, their character backgrounds, and trade information related to Paizo's Kingmaker Adventure Path. Please buy Kingmaker, for Pathfinder d20 if you stumbled upon this and are interested in the game.

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This Adventuring Group's page.

Player Characters
Party Treasure/Income ; Adventure Log; Experience
Monster Kill Log
Kingdom Roles; Kingdom ; Meeting Minutes
Resources ; Trophy Room
Quests ; Wanted List ; Factions ; Allies


Boatmurdered (Capitol) ; Sootscale Mines ; Ravensblade (Coran Vassal) ; Stag Lord's Fort
Oleg's Trading Post/Olegton
Temple to Erastil (Elkholme)
Candlemere Tower
Tatzlford ; Fallhills
Brevoy ; River Kingdoms ; Fey Court ; Wasted Lands
The Current Year: July, 559. (Calendar) [began in March, 557] (Founded Kingdom July, 557)

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