Kressel was a bandit Lieutenant under the Stag Lord. She commanded the unit of twelve bandits at the Thorn River camp.

27, (rog 3), NE.

She was known for her cruelty, but also her intelligence. She commanded the loyalty of her men. It is possible that she was involved in romantic relationships with Happs Bydon, who the party killed, and a man named Akiros Ismort.

Kressel's LettersEdit

When defeated, the Party discovered her lockbox, within which was a letter:

"Alas Dear Kressel,

With great apology I come to you with notice of something that troubles my soul.
I was considering the gift that you sent me... and I considered it long and hard.
But the heads of women who passed through your camp, carved by The Fixer do not particularly interest me.
So it is with notice of this, that I must break off our relationship.

-Akiros Ismort."

Written on the bottom in red (Kressel's writing) "F---ing paladin."