Lily (23) relocated to the Wasted Lands after fleeing her betrothal to her uncle, who is aged 43.

Her family, the Teskertons, are a minor noble family allied with the Orlovskys, although she doesn't particularly care too much for them especially given the recent politics.

She fled the betrothal with her jangles and portable wealth, which have allowed her to live decently in Xanadu. She met Lord Jang shortly after her arrival and he pledged to protect her. His men subsequently kept away some of her Uncle's men and they have not bothered her since. She also helped save Lord Jang's life when the mephits attacked (although that is not common knowledge).

She was betrothed to the Uncle in her father's will (to pay off a gambling debt).

Her father was an erudite collector of antiquities. She has a collection of fine orc, dwarven and human ancient empires' carvings and statues, but did not manage to escape with any fine elven work.