Lumber is a common trade good in the Wasted Lands and in Brevoy.

The best Lumber comes from the woods near House Medvyed and the Narlmarches in the Wasted Lands.

The general rule is that 1/20th of a lot equals one persons daily work at cutting trees.

The Bottom LineEdit

Standard Lumber can fetch 20 gold per lot. A lot takes a single person about 20 days to clear it.

Medvyed Hardwood is much rarer and sturdier. Much Medvyed hardwood was used to build Brevoy's capital at New Stetven on Lake Reykal. Medvyed Hardwood fetches 40 gold per lot.

Narlmarches Teak is easily bent and shaped into designer forms. It is less in demand, but it is key for people creating toys, rocking horses, woodworking, and bannister-railings in expensive homes. When demanded, it can easily fetch 50 gold per lot, but it can be difficult to find buyers.

Birch used for simple plywood. Lower quality. 10 gold per lot. A lot takes about 20 days to clear it.

Balsa Wood used for insulation. Found in the Swamps of the Wasted Lands. 40 gold per lot, but needs to be preserved magically or physically- physical preservation costs 10 gold per lot and there is a 40 percent chance of damage that will reduce profit by half.

Ironwood is used for special "unbreakable bows". Produces Masterwork Arrows and Wooden Armor. Cannot be sold by lot. Is sold individually. Highly rare.

Heartwood produced from the wood of a tree that is bonded with a Dryad. Gives life to a building in which it is fused. The wood will grow leaves and sprout foliage for several years after severance. Black market good. Is outlawed in Brevoy. Can be found and sold in the River Kingdoms. Known to fetch gp amounts of 500 a lot if not more.

Birch 10 gp/lot
Standard Lumber 20 gp/lot
Medvyed Hardwood 40 gp/lot
Narlmarches Teak 50 gp/lot
Balsa Wood (*) 40 gp/lot (*)
Ironwood Special
Heartwood Special

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