Founded in 287, the Monastery of the Four Broken Beast was to be a sanctuary for extraordinary creatures that were endangered in one way or another by civilization. It was created by deserters from the Fanged Legion.


The most striking and immediately noticeable feature of the Bestial Monastery is its unique architecture. When the monastery was first opened, it was established on the ruins of a previous building, which the surrounding plant life had already started to claim. The Abbot informed his students that they would be in charge of the upkeep of the monastery, but that they were only allowed to use their own bodies as tools. The students recognized this for the test that it was, and started using their martial abilities to drive back the overgrowth. However, even drawing upon all their collective talents, they were unable to halt the advance of the forest. Finally they decided to cease struggling against the encroaching flora and instead to work with it. Thus, Medvyed hardwoods encircled the aging structural pillars, and eventually, replaced them altogether. Orcish Creeper Vines were strung between holes it in roof. Slowly, the monastery became part of the surrounding woods. So much so, in fact, that finding the structure is one of the tests for gaining acceptance into the monastery.