Munguk is a dim-witted giant who the party found wandering just north of Boatmurdered. He implored the party for alcohol, and they provided him large kegs from their winery. He then led them to his former home, Fallhills, which had been taken over by nasty trolls that killed his mother and everyone else.

Munguk helped the party assault the fortress. There was little for him to use in the wake of the destruction, however, and even his precious shinies were denied to him (the party looted the mithril).

The party then suggested that Munguk could find love and companionship with Teireissa the Dryad, so they sent him off to find her.

That encounter did not go as swimmingly as hoped; Teireissa sent Munguk away, but she has been working on locating more of his species; she is unsure if you want to invite a group of hill giants into the country, however.