The capital city of Brevoy, New Stetven sits on the shores of Lake Reykal, built in the middle of a mostly-drained swamp.

Its buildings are mostly built of wood-- sturdy imported and fire-resistant Medvyed Lumber. Still, alchemical fires have been known to sweep through the city in the past, and draconic directed flames burned down the city of Old Stetven when Choral the Conqueror took over three hundred years ago; around the year 253. A major fire also consumed the city in 398 and in 438-- the same year that the Wasting Magic receded from the Wasted Lands. For over one hundred and twenty years, the city has however, suffered no major fires.


XXX - The seat of government for Brevoy.

The Stone Halls

A partial misnomer, the Stone Halls to be one of the strongest and oldest stone buildings in New Stetven, but its entrance is made entirely of a wooden terrace. The structure is completely underground, stone sunken into the city's swamp on the foundations of other stone that has been sunk many times before. The structure was not always underground; every year it sinks about three inches and more stone or wood is carted in to shore up the walls.
The only entrance to the Halls is through a wooden corridor and tunnel that composes the first three levels of the Stone Halls. The Halls then extend at least fifteen levels below (but not all are occupied.)
The Stone Halls is the home of New Stetven's major alchemical and wizard libraries (which are hosted below ground). Its current caretaker is: Dean Runcheon Garess, 68 (wiz 8).

The Reapers of Secrets Headquarters

There may not actually be a physical headquerters, nevertheless the Reapers of Secrets thieves guild make their presence felt and known in New Stetven and across Brevoy.


Dean Runcheon Garess, 68 (wiz 8) - Dean and caretaker of The Stone Halls. (House Garess).