Sharell Libain Half-elf Druid, age 33 at the beginning of the adventure.


Sharell has constantly been pulled from multiple sides. He is the son of two half-elf parents. His mother leaned more towards her half-elf heritage while his father wanted to fit in with his human neighbors.

He also felt the pull while growing up in his hamlet. His parents ran a general store, but he preferred to run through the wheat fields or go hunting and fishing with the trappers.

He eventually left the hamlet to find his place in the world. He met up with a druid sect in the Om'sharin forest. His sect believes in protecting the natural world by helping others see how to work with nature. So they would frequently visit nearby farms and communities to give help in farming or healing people that are injured.

Sharell would take sabbaticals during his training to center himself in the world. One time, he found a small beautiful clearing in a forest with a darkwood tree growing in a lake. The nymph Tsumarae said that she had been waiting her life for him. She presented him two gifts. The first was a glaive. A fighter had been lost in the same forest and had been enchanted by the nymph. He gave the glaive to the nymph telling her to hand it to the person that would help to heal the world. The second gift was an animal spirit that would help to protect Sharell during his journeys.

He has had the most contact with House Medvyed and supports their respect for nature.

Update 10/22/11

Vordekai Faller- While exploring the cyclopian ruins, the adventuring group found the ancient lich Vordekai (Vordekai must fall). In the midst of a dangerous battle, Sharrell was able to strike Vordekai with his blessed glavie. The powers of nature do not stand by the perversion of the undead.

Sharrell has a grudge against certain enemies. This is especially true for enemies that run away.

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Jang Lodovka the sorcerer hired Bromin Groede to build a boat since Bromin was highly recommended by other captains. For the boat, Bromin was going to need good quality teak, which is hard to find. Sharell met Bromin in the woods and helped him to find a plentiful supply of wood.

Sharell Libain, Jang, and Bromin are all decent friends. They have gone out on the lakes enjoying each other’s company several times. When Jang heard about the expedition to the Stolen Lands, he suggested it as a good way to see even more of the world.

Sharell has a dire porcupine named Omae as an animal companion.

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