Tatzlford was founded in late 558 by Loy Rezbin (rgr 3, exp 2) and his wife, Latricia Evanore (cler 3, exp 2) along with a group of settlers from Houses not aligned with the Orlovskys, and who do not want to be involved in the political machinations of the Brevic lands or Xanadu, which they figure has set itself up for danger in accepting so many of the Orlovsky refugees- even though it is ruled by a Lodovkan and a Surtovan-Quelk- occupies a high position in the leadership hierarchy.

Although they petitioned the rulers of Xanadu for funds to start their settlement, they were rebuffed. They bear some slight resentment toward the kingdom because of that rebuffing.


Loy Rezbin (rgr 3, exp 2)

Latricia Evanore (cler 3, exp 2)

Jon Lawry (war 3) - Captain of the Guard


It will cost 6 unrest (or 3 on a successful loyalty check) to annex Tatzlford.

Also a -2 Loyalty decline unless succeed on a loyalty check at command DC+3.