The Fixer (Barb 2) was a brutal enforcer bandit under Happs Bydon until he was exectued after being felled at the Battle At Oleg's. Ignominously, he was put to sleep at the beginning of the battle, was woken, then raged and rushed at Drun Givaldrak and proceeded to miss and toss his mace past Drun and beyond his reach. The next round, he tried to grapple Drun, but was felled by a series of attacks of opportunity and a critical hit from Morgan Kelhin. Bears a striking resemblance to The Fixer. Also works for consideration.

As revealed in a letter to Kressel, The Fixer amputated the heads of female travelers who the bandits slaughtered. He was a sick, sick individual.


- Little Black Bag filled with preserved human ears and eyeballs.

- Masterwork Double Sided Mace 1d10/1d10 x3.

- His lockbox was found at the Thorn River Camp. The locked chest bore the letters "The Fixer's Kit" and included: medical gear, human ears, an amulet with a picture of the Stag Lord and 5 PP.