The Thorn River Camp was a bandit camp situated at a low spot on the Thorn River.

Its inhabitants at its height included: 16 bandits.

During the Battle at the Thorn River, the party, allied with the remaining Glorious Explorers, rescued Messana the half-elven ranger and defeated the Bandits.

Notable Bandits:Edit

Couladin the Mage (sor 2) (a Mercenary, paid by the Stag Lord) (Captured by Aleksandr).

The Fixer (barb 2) (Dropped by Morgan).

Happs Bydon (rgr 2) (Killed River at the Battle at Oleg's) (Downed by Jang, Killed by Morgan).

Kressel (rog 3) (Killed by Omae's spikes as she attempted to flee on horse).

Mr. Biggs (ftr 3) (Captured by Jack).

Vask the Druid (dru 2) (Severely damaged by the party; dispatched by Ghrey Battle).

Bandana-Wearing Bandit (Only bandit to escape the Battle at Oleg's; also escaped the Battle at the Thorn River.)

3 Other Bandits (Escaped the Battle at the Thorn River)

Bandit who discovered Sharell (Captured)

Bandit who surrendered (Captured)