Item (Date) IN OUT Recurring?

Jacobi the Porter

3 cp/day

0 10 sp Paid Thru Day 150

Anando the gnome

3 sp/day

Done With Pay.

Enza the guide

2 sp/day

Paid Thru Day 150

Bren Tanner

2 sp/day

Plush Animals

(1 sp each)

No Need to Calculate Now. Animals Pay for Self
Cash Total
715 pp Morgan withdrew __ gp

Jang withdrew

__ gp

30328 gp Hirol withdrew __ gp

Sharell withdrew

__ gp

6771 sp

Alex withdrew



withdrew __ g

15252 cp


(appraise check raises money recovered)

Value: 120gp- what you'll get (302 gp- what it's really worth new)

Appraise check raises amount you'll get on some items.

Consignment check raises amount you'll get on some items. (Sell on Day XX).

From Item Value Status

The Bathhouse Incident

1 (MW) Dagger 150 gp (302gp) Sold to Smiley 150 gp on day 52
The Opening Ceremony 4 Necklaces 10 gp each Sold to Oleg
Ring 100 gp Sold to Oleg
Longsword +1; Heal 4 HP 1/day Morgan

Battle At Oleg's

500 gp credit (Oleg's) Used up
Composite Longbow +1 Hirol
(MW) Double-Sided Mace 800 gp (690) Sell on Day 40
4 Vials Alchemist Fire 20 gp/each (80gp) Moved out of Archives
Silver Amulet (Picture of a Man on it; Bandit Lt. Amulet) 20 gp Sold
4 Studded Leather 15 gp/each (100gp) Sold to Oleg
80 arrows 5 cp/each (4gp) Add to kingdom
3 Longbows 80 gp (225gp) Sold to Oleg
Longbow Bromin
4 Shortbow 20 gp/each (120gp) Sold to Oleg
8 Short Swords 5 gp/each (80gp) Sold to Oleg
2 (MW) Daggers 140 gp/each (604gp) Sold now to Smiley, and 210 in day 28
Gold Medallion (Historical) 50 gp
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds 150 gp (300gp) Jack
Spiked Gauntlets 10 gp (5gp) Sold to Oleg
4 Leather Armor 10 gp (40 gp) Sold to Oleg
Human Eyeballs (From The Fixer's Little Black Bag) Tossed
5 New horses

One horse is dead

(Moved from archives)

Bandit Raid 4 Shortbow 40 gp (120gp) Sold
4 Daggers 2 gp (8gp) Sold
4 Short Swords 20 gp (40gp) Sold
3 Leather Armor 10 gp (30gp) Sold
1 Studded Leather 15 gp (25gp) Sold
Silver Amulet 20gp Sold
Leprechaun Medallion

Returned to Leprechaun

Get to re-roll a d20

4x gold on one item sold within 30 days

Bandit's Diary Trophies
Stone Ruins Gold Medallion (Historical) 50 gp
Spider Cave 2 Short Swords 10 gp (20gp)
Leather Armor 4 gp (10 gp)
Silver Amulet 20gp Sold
Bandit treasure map to claw shaped tree Found tree
Claw shaped tree (M) dagger 120 gp (302gp) Sold
Wand burning hands caster lvl 2 4 charges 20 gp (60gp) Aleck

Silver ring

75 gp

Spell book


Mage armor

Reduce person

Silent image

Unseen servant

Mud giants Gold Medallion (historical) 50gp
Bracers of Armor +1 800 gp (1000 gp) Jang
Grey bag of tricks (muddy)


Note this might not work normally

15 Potion alchemist fire 120 gp (300 gp) Moved From Archives
Dust of dryness Morgan
2 Potion cure light wounds 50 gp (100 gp) Moved From Archives
Ring of stealth +1 Jack
Inside guest house basement

Charm of resist disease (+1 Fort after touching for 5 minutes)

Wedding ring

Bottle with message inside on dead body

Short sword

10 gp

5 gp (10 gp)

Moved Gifts


Over Oleg's house Stuffed giant eagle -50 gp

Man eating trees

3 Short Sword

2 Long Sword

3 Daggers

Half-plate (rusted)

Small steel shield (rust)(fixed and sold)

Diplomat's Belt

Cowrie shell necklace

2 Leather armor

Holy Symbol of Erastil

15 gp (30 gp)

30 gp

1.5 gp (6 gp)

10 gp (600 gp) (can be fixed by blacksmith)

5 sp (9 gp)

+2 diplomacy

3 sp

6.6 gp (20 gp)

Gave to Jhod.




(M) Bastard sword

Gold medallion (historical)

Ring of swimming +5

(335 gp)

50 gp


Old Battlefield Lots of battle relics ?? Sold
Forest Statue of Erastil 2 Gold medallion (historical) 100 gp
Wolf Cave 8 wolf pelts 240 total
Litter of Wolves At Oleg's
Digging well Stuffed Mephit -50 gp Ready day 51
12 bear traps 10 gp each Sold
Breeg's house Wand charm person Aleck
3x Whiskey 5 sp each Boiled goblin head
(M) handaxe
Lizards in quarry 2 komodo dragon eggs tossed
Misc. Jewlery 25 gp
Gold medallion (historical) 50 gp
Fire lizard skin -20 gp Skinned day 56
Purchase from Smiley 3 load lumber -60 gp
1 advanced tools -100 gp
20 Bear traps -20 gp
? 3 Potions cure light wounds Moved.
Bandit Camp Fixer's kit Bunch of human ears
Kressel's lockbox
12 Short sword 60 gp Sold
12 Longbow 240 gp Sold
160 Arrows Add to kingdom
12 Leather armor 40 gp Sold
3 Studded leather armor 45 gp Sold
Wooden music box 90 gp
3 Crates furs and hides 50 gp each
8 bottles Green Liquor 20 gp each 3 bottles now (moved)
2 (M) hand axes 300 gp
3 Potion cure light wounds (moved)
12 daggers 6 gp Sold
Scoll Bear's strength Sharrell
Scroll Owl's wisdom Sharrell
4 Stag lord amulets 20 gp each Sold
2 horses Moved
Exploring Gold Medallion 50 gp
Svetlana reward for moon radishes Seal noble house of restov Gifts
Davik Nettles Black book of coming and going Gifts
Gremlins Ivory statuette of flying kobold (devil) Destroyed
Svetlana's ring 2,000 gp reward
12 small spear 2 gp each Sold
Piece of paper in alco Sold
Tartuuk (M) cold iron sickle 150 gp
(M) cold iron hammer 150 gp
Bracers of armor +1 moved
Wand magic missile caster level 3 (27 charges) Aleck
Tartuuk's journal In Undercommon Sold
Scroll fly Jang
(M) light steel shield 75 gp
7 +1 flaming crossbolts
Boots of elvenkind Jack
Dust of illusion Moved
3 vials kobold ecstasy 0 vials now
Gold mine Key
Stag lord amulet 20 gp Sold
(M) dagger 150 gp Sold
Gold medallion (historical) 50 gp
Boar Stuffed boar -40 gp Day 118
Defeating Tuskgutter +1 Longbow 676 gp Bromin
Goodberry patch 100 goodberries Used to make 100 Cure Light Wounds
Stag Lord Battle Stag Lord helmet

+2 perception

1/day target of ranged attack is flat footed

6x Potion Cure moderate 5 Now (moved)
+1 Leather armor 653 gp Sharrell
(M) Longsword Bromin
Amulet Natural Armor +1 Alyssa
+1 Composite Longbow (+2 str) Quethir
Misc. Gems 320 gp Sold
Pewter belt buckle w/ "frisky" fey 100 gp Sharell
Silver charm bracelet 60 gp Sold
+1 Rapier 650 gp Jack
(M) dagger 150 gp Sold
(M) studded leather 91 gp Sold
10 Stag lord amulets 200 gp Sold
Turquoise Earrings 260 gp Sold
Potion Lesser restoration (Moved)
Knight and dragon toys 50 gp Sold
20 Longbows 520 gp Sold
500 arrows (Moved)
20 short swords 100 gp Sold
350' hemp rope Add to kingdom
Building supplies Add to kingdom
10 daggers 5 gp Sold
5 long swords 75 gp Sold
Half-Elf supremacists Composite longbow (+1 str)
Composite Longbow (+4 str) Moved
2x thunder stone Moved
2x tanglefoot bags Moved
Shatter dust Moved
2x (M) leather armor
4x dagger
4x shortsword
3x potion cure light Moved
20x durable arrows Quethir
5x dye arrows Quethir
5x [Arrows]. arrows Quethir
2x slow burn arrows Quethir
1x trip arrows Quethir
1x flash powder Moved
Tassel Wyrms +1 Scale mail Moved
Cold iron longsword Alyssa
Pewter stein 12 gp Moved
Silver ring 25 gp
(M) sword Quest item to Miles
Jade carving nude female monk 85 gp Moved
Note from Miles' uncle
Historical medallion 50 gp
Ghost on bridge +1 Ranseur
5 lbs darkwood Moved
Bokken Tassel wyrm poison (hallucinogenic) 2 vials used
[Myrrh]. 8000 cu ft. smoke +1 hp/lvl healing while being aided (Moved)
5x itching powder DC 12 fort -2 penalty attack, saves, checks (Moved)
5x potion cat's grace (Moved)
2x potion bull's strength Morgan
3x potion fox's cunning (Moved)
A french hen
10x Potion cure light wounds Moved
1x potion owl's wisdom Moved
2x potion spider climb Moved
Potion heroism Moved
Potion rage Moved
Potion Puissance Morgan
Meagervan gift Stone cut centaur ruby headdress Gifts Page
Pearlavash/Tig Tarnished copper ring Moved
+2 Feybane bastard sword Quethir
Heavy wood shield
Crackjaw Elemental Gem of water Moved
Stuffed crackjaw Trophy Page
??? +1 Greataxe Moved
Potion remove fear Moved
Dagurmark gist Gilded dagger Gifts Page
Ring of feather fall Morgan
5 Cask of Pitaxe kingdom brew

3 casks left


+1 dagger
6x Stuffed mephits Trophy Page
Stuffed Worg Trophy Page
Dryad 5 Goodberries
20 charge wand cure light wounds
(M) Longbow
Quickling ruins (M) harp
Jade statuette coiling snake
Elven nude female statue Morgan
Elven water clock 1000 gp
Bearskin cover 50 gp
2 royal outfits 200 gp each
3 courtier outfits 30 gp each
3 vial exotic perfume 100 gp each
Elixir of love
Crown thing
Statue nude elven woman 900 gp
Scythe tree layer 3 pieces amber
Robe of bone Sarda
Silver ring 60 gp
Mad hermit Potion cure light wounds
Potion of invisibility
Locket with woman's picture
Treasure map of green belt
+1 Leather armor
+1 whip
Ring of protection +1 Quethir
(M) short sword
Stuffed forest drake (price to stuff?)
Cultist of Weiss Hag shabble +2 diplo/intimidate Jang
Gem 500 gp sold
Holy symbol of Weiss 20 gp melted and sold
(M) dagger
2 Scrolls crate darkness
Potion of nightwalk (can teleport infinitely up or down 1d4 rounds at night)
Barrow 8 Shackles of hold person (+2 vs. Fey)
Leucrotta Blue dragon hide breastplate
Blue dragon hide shield
Ivory comb 50 gp Sold
Stuffed Leucrotta Need price to stuff
Tendiculous 7 black mushrooms 700 gp total sold
Will of Wisp Owlbear barding Treasure room
Eye of Infravision Sarda
Miger Varhn Books from Miger Varhn Trophy room
Spriggans Bag of Holding IV
Other 4 shackles of hold peron +2 vs.  Fey
Iur Armor 1575 +1 holy chainmail, +2 if wearer is LG
Bracers of armor +3 Elba
Amulet of resoluteness +4 will if LG
+1 halberd
Portable hole Sarda
Dust of dryness Elba
Cloak of resistance +1 Quethir
Ring of protection +2 Sharrell
Ring of protection +2 Quethir
Cloak of resistance +3 Morgan
Headband of mental clarity +2int/+2 cha + knowledge planes Thalassa
Occulus of Abbadon Sarda
Ring of protection +2 Thalassa
+2 buckler 2075 sold
+1 bashing shield 2075 sold
Silver and ivory scepter 1500 sold
+2 defending kukri 9150
Bag of holding type I Sharrell
Found it Sabertooth tiger tooth Trophy room
+2 breastplate 2075 sold
(M) composite longbow +3 str 300 sold
+1 dagger 1150
Ring of evasion Elba

Enough mithral for 1 armor and 1 weapon 5000

Will o' wisp Taldin empire Box

Sold to a collector

Ring or firend shield set


Other assorted things

1 cold iron beast bane flail 5150
Stone tablets

10000 to scholar 18000 sppraise

Ironwood resources 1000
Various artifacts 2500 Could be traded to contacts for more
Fort Drelev Ring of evasion (matches swimming) Sharrell
Barbarian artifacts 2500 or 4000 to collector
Drelev +3 breastplate 4650
+2 defending longsword 9150
Hill giants Giant instruments (bone drums)
Cloak of resistance +2 2000
Ring of Protection +2 4000
Bog Mummies Relics similar to cult of Weiss
Scroll Darkness Jang
Boggards Ring of the maw of goguntha Acts like ring of rat fangs 2500
(4) potion cure moderate Sharrell
Potion of sanctuary Sharrell
Wand cure moderate wounds 24 charges Sharrell
12 Taldan stamped gold ingots 250 each, Sell to a collector for more
(3) elixer of swimming Sharrell
Harp of charming Jang
Crag Linnorms Dragonhide breastplate 150
Scroll of summon monster VI Jang
(3) doses dust of disappearance Sharrell
Potion of rage Sharrell
Staff of frost Jang
(3) poison lillies Hirol
Pitax competition Rod of lordly might Jang