The following are trophies:

Giant eagle

8 mephits (eyes glow)

Tuskgutter (dire boar)

Fire lizard (skinned)

Stag lord helmet

Jack's drinking horn

Crackjaw (dire turtle)

Howl of the north winds (worg)

2 Komodo dragons


Leucrotta (stuffed)

3 giant snail shells. Forest drake (stuffed)

Hodag head

Giant enraged owlbear (stuffed)

2x Wyverns (stuffed)

Roc (stuffed)

Owlbear barding

Migher Varn library (can give knowledge check bonus)

4 shackles of hold person with +2 vs. Fey

Sabertooth tiger tooth

Eater of Kings on ice

2x Elder water elemental now as an ice sculpture.

Elder water elemental on fire now as an ice sculpture.

Ithuliax stone trophy

Stuffed Linnorm


The following are pets or useful animals

Morgan's horse

Sharrell's horse



Litter of wolves

Worg (female)

Dire elk- missing

A french hen

Man eating trees (guarding moon radishes)

Riding snail

Ironwood tree (living in Boatmurdered park)


Meager Varn's Gift Stone cut centaur ruby headdress

250 gp

Daggermark's Gift Gilded dagger (Mstwk.) 100 gp

Davik Nettle's Black Book of Coming and Going.

Svetlana's Seal from a Noble Home of Restov

Bandit's Diary

Wedding ring 10 gp and Bottle with message inside on dead body

3 Casks of Pitax Brew (Pitax Gift)