This is where the Adventuring Group is heading under a charter of exploration.

The Wasted Lands are 33,667 square miles of unsettled land south of Brevoy and Iobaria, and located to the West of the River Kingdoms, and the East of Fallion. To their South are the Monstrous Lands-- a vast wasteland of uninhabitable land ruled by lizards, orcs, barghests, and other mostly-uncivilized creatures.

Before 438, about 119 years ago, the Wasted Lands were mostly uninhabitable due to the volatile Wasting Magic that covered the land.

After that, Brevoy attempted a few colonization efforts, but those efforts were beaten back by trolls and other monstrous species that had traveled north from the Monstrous Lands.

Recently, the Swordlords of Restov, in collaboration with the Brevic Crown have decided to push south, before other bordering countries can landgrab the area.


The Wasted Lands are inhabited by:

(1) wolves, wargs, cougars, black bears, barghests, Giant Ravenous Pika,

(2) trolls, tatzlwyrms, giants (East)

(3) will-o-the-wisps, many many subspecies of Fey, Dryads, Naiads, Nymphs

(4) several types of undead,

(5) a great deal of humanoid bandits, lizard folk, boggards (west), centaurs (East), barbarians (west)

(6) giant frogs, and more.

Animals (Usually Harmless)

Chipmonks, Elk, Frogs, Glyptodons, Megaloceri, Moose, Pika (common), Porcupine, Toads, Skunk, Squirrels.