Wine is a common trade good in the River Kingdoms and in Brevoy.

The best Wine, however, comes from Cheliax. More closer afield, the merlots of Pitax are generally favored. Brevic drinks tend toward meades and ales.

Alcohol Prices in Brevoy

Common Fermented Beer "Swill" 5 cp
Lodovka "Seashanty" (Ale) 1 sp
Common Wine 2 sp
Boiled Goblin-head (Liquor) 5 sp
Feywine 5 sp
Garess' Gold (Mead) 1 gp
Fine Wine 5 gp
Dwarven White Lightning (Stonedraught)

10 gp

(1 gp in dwarven areas)

Elven Comfort

10 gp

(5 gp in elven areas)

Pitax Kingdom Brew 15 gp
Green Liquor (Juiced) 20 gp
River Kingdoms Special '540 25 gp
Common Chelish Vintage 30 gp
Fine Chelish Vintage (Devildrink) 60 gp
River Wine (Rare Outsea Vintage) '535 125 gp
Bottled Chelish Spirit of '542 150 gp
Elven Healing Wine

50 gp

+2 on Heal (4 hrs)

Brighteyes Best

200 gp

+4 Perception, -1 Atk

& Dex skills (4 hrs)

Gelatinous Ooze

250 gp +2 Ref

-4 Fort (4 hrs)

Boiled Goblin-Head Liquor - The nastiest high priced liquor next to Dwarven White Lightning, Boiled Goblin-Head is like an Irish Car Bomb mixed with Mead, Tequila and a boiled egg. It's heavily consistent and drinking it can get someone sick almost immediately. It is a matter of honor to hold up after drinking Boiled Goblin-Head. This liquor was invented in the goblin-infested western regions of Numeria and wound its way to House Lodovka in Brevoy, where it has become a favored Lodovkan drink.

Bottled Chelish Spirit - Generally agreed to be the most flavorful of the vintages, this Spirit was grown and brewed in the vast vineyards of Cheliax.

Brighteyes Best - Made from the blood of dragons and dragonkin, Brighteyes Best increases and heightens ones senses, while at the same time making one feel sluggish and tired.

Feywine - The fruitiest wine, from the forests of the Medvyeds.

Gelatinous Ooze - Arguably the nastiest brew, even worse than Boiled Goblin-Head, the Gelatinous Ooze is made from oozes, fungi, and gelatinous cubes.

Green Liquor - Juiced with cocaine and laced with speed, green liquor should be banned, but regrettably it is not.

Pitax Kingdom Brew - The most commonly found import drunk by the rich and privileged in Brevoy.