Yeshua is a powerful pink and turquoise colored Skeletal Champion (with little hearts drawn all over his legs and arms and face) who rose from his grave and he sought out the PCs because a band of Pixies and Nigs defiled his sombre grave.

Yeshua only recently escaped from an entanglement underground.

The Pixies and Nigs 'defiled' the grave by prettying it up. MONSTER: Blodeuwedd (p 80 KM part 3).

The area is covered with blooming flowers and vines and is a jungle in a small area. Many pink and purple and white flowers bloom. There are streamers and prayer flags. Fey creatures cavort. And there are lines and lines of white powder that the fey take turns in snorting up. (FeyFuel).

  • After the party saves him from the Fey, he makes a promise to watch over the lands in this area and to be more active; but he wants his tomb to not be looted. (+2 Stability).


*He is an intelligent undead, not driven insane. He is intelligent because he died with faith and a good heart as a sombre servant of Erastil, saving children from the fey creatures, but sparing the fey creatures lives- for they know not what they do- instead he trapped the fey in a massive fey prison that he thinks is located somewhere to the south of Varnhold in the mountains. He is undead because he was cursed by a Fey creature to forever walk the lands... he resides in his tomb, which he built over the centuries, because people tend to attack him and he did not want any bloodshed since although he can be killed, he will reform for as long as they fey creature that cursed him walks alive.

  • He heard about the Adventurers from fairies who are shocked that the kingdom has taken to denying fey their blood, but he also heard that they spared the fey who did that to the children. So he wanted to meet the players.
  • He doubts there are others like him; he has never encountered another undead who is not evil or driven insane.